Destiny 2000 Ltd

Destiny 2000 Ltd


Company Overview:

Destiny group" AKA "Destiny 2000 Limited" is the largest MLM (Multi Level Marketing) or Network Marketing company in Bangladesh. It is a Bangladeshi company and Destiny Group is also one of the largest MLM companies in Asia with having 1.5 million distributors in Bangladesh. They started their journey on 14th Dec, 2000 and in full operation from January 2001 and till now paid over 40+ Crore Taka to Government of Bangladesh as Tax & VAT till now (July 2009) .

Destiny group is the combination of eleven (11) sister companies:

1. Destiny Tree Plantation Ltd ( )

2. DSTC (Destiny Sales Training Center)

3. Air Destiny

4. Diamond Builders Ltd.

5. Destiny Electric & Electronic industries Ltd

6. Destiny Shopping Centre Ltd

7. Destiny Multi-purpose Co-Operative Society Ltd

8. Daily Destiny newspaper (

9. SOFTALK Online Ltd (

10. Boishakhi Media Ltd.

11. Alysha Destiny Agro Complex Ltd.

Twelve more sister concerns are in the process of development:

A. Destiny Consumer Product Ltd.

B. Destiny Media & Publication Ltd.

C. Destiny Transportation Courier Service Ltd.

D. Destiny Tea Ltd.

E. Destiny Fishery Ltd.

F. Destiny Bank Ltd.

G. Destiny Medical College & Hospital Ltd.

H. Destiny Builders & Developers Ltd.

I. Destiny Printing & Packaging Ltd.

J. Destiny Agro Industries Ltd.

K. Destiny Education & Health Foundation.

L. Destiny Media & Publications Ltd.

Destiny has adopted modern Binary matrix sales and commission payout system which is known as geometric sales system in MLM world. This system is suitable, easy understandable for ordinary people. Latest payout software packages are used for maintaining its sales data and distributor’s profile. The similar software also maintains corporate accounts of the company.

D2K Business Owners enjoy access to a great portfolio of products they can retail and use. In addition to a wide range of products providing solutions to your home and personal care needs, D2K is known for its Health and Beauty brands like brand Golden Rose (, Byram International, Nigela (Product from Black Seed), Skin Code ( distributor of VIDEOCON ( Latest product from USA, AQUAMAKER, "creating great testing of water from the air"! Check out the website:
Destiny group is the first company in south Asia to distribute tree plantation investment products, which is helping to balance of our environment. Tree plantation is also providing habitat for many species of wildlife, preventing their extinction.

Community Benefits for Tree Plantation Project :

"Bangladesh is a developing nation. Throughout the country, especially in the countryside, large areas of poverty exist. There are few opportunities for employment. Families exist on subsistence activities at best. Although as an investor you do not ask for charity opportunities, still you will be giving to some of your fellow men new hope and dignity. The reason is obvious; a project such as this requires manpower, a great deal of manpower will require and approximately 350 full-time workers. They will be required to work in the nursery, transfer and plant the saplings, provide water if necessary, fertilize, clear weed growth, maintain firebreaks, harvest and transport, provide security, etc.

In addition to all this, Destiny Tree Plantation Ltd., on behalf of its investors, will ensure that its workers and their families enjoy medical and educational facilities as well as basic needs such as clean water, electricity and hygienic waste disposal.

For watering of trees, huge quantity of water will be required for which lakes will be created on the valley land. Besides fish culture, these lakes will also be source of irrigation throughout the year for the plain agricultural lands in the area, which will have the trickle down benefit from the Tree Plantation Project.”



Significant growth and rapid success encouraged Destiny to look ahead towards a competitive and viable future. To meet the future challenges, Destiny has developed a five year strategic plan to involve 2 million beneficiary distributors by the year 2010. To cope with the increasing service demand of additional number of Distributors, organizational structure have been planned to setup six (06) divisional, four (04) regional, sixty four (64) Net, 480 Training & Sales Centers (T S C) and 68000 Family Sale Centers (FSC). As of today Destiny has established 33 Shopping Malls in different locations of the country and planning to open 60 more Mini Malls in near future i.e. one in every district of the Country.

Destiny-2000 Ltd has planned to expand its activities beyond the boundary of the country. Collaborative arrangement is in process to develop business relationships with renowned entrepreneurs like “Videocon of India” and “Byram International” in Singapore, Erkul Cosmetices (Golden Rose) of Turkey and other business organizations of Sri Lanka, China and India. Under the plan of diversification, it has already established nine sister concerns and more are in the process.

Destiny-2000 Ltd. has also planned a joint venture Tower Project with Diamond Builders. The proposed project “Asia Business Centre”- a 40 storied complex is going to be constructed in the heart of Dhaka City. The Project consists of three (03) Towers, Namely Destiny Tower, Diamond Tower and Diplomatic Tower. The Tower will be constructed between 30-40 floors depending on the approval of Rajuk (Capital Development Authority) and other Govt. Authorities. The construction will be made on 106 Kathas of land (approx 1.75 acre) at 36/A, Inner Circular Road, Kakrail, Dhaka-1000 (Presently where Bijoy Nagar Hotel Complex is situated).


1. Network Marketing IS NOT an illegal “pyramid scheme.” Is not a chain letter of illegal lottery where people make money by recruiting others to join in the game.

Networkers are paid only on the distribution of valuable products or services.

2. Network Marketing IS NOT a “get-rich-quick” business. Although fast money has happened for a few individuals, they are rare exceptions, not the rule. But if you drop the “quick” and call it a “get-rich” business, that’s another matter.

3. Network Marketing IS NOT just for professional sales people. Of the countless success stories in the industry, most have come from individuals with non-sales backgrounds and little or no experience.

4. Network Marketing IS NOT a full-time commitment. Nearly ninety percent of the men and women in this industry work their business part-time.

5. Network Marketing IS NOT for men only. Actually, the majority of active, successful people in the industry are women. I’ll invest more time on this fascination fact a little later.


D2K Distributors believe in helping people live better lives through a business of their own and by giving back to their communities.

What do you want out of life? There are as many different reasons to be in this business as there are Destiny 2000 Independent Business Owners.It can help reshape your work week.

It can help you build a future for your family. It’s your life and Destiny 2000 Ltd, can help you build your own business – THE WAY YOU WANT IT


"The mission of Destiny-2000 Ltd. is to enhance the quality of life by creating self employment scope for unemployed youth leading to promote millions of small entrepreneurs."

Goals: To realize the mission Destiny will:

• Involve 10 million Distributors by the end of 2012.

• To ensure essential items and house hold appliances worth Tk. 5000 million through its beneficiaries.

• Produce 50 essential items by establishing 20 sister concerns of its own.

• Be the highest tax Payer Company in the country and create 6 million individual Tax payers.

• Establish itself as a welfare company for unprivileged segment of the population.

• Demonstrate accountability and transparency in business and financial dealings.


Recent News

By the end of 2008, three (3) more industries are opening and seven industries are in the pipe line and will start by 2010.

Recently Destiny started operation in Malaysia & Dubai and spreading other 25 countries like: Singapore, India, China, Hong Kong, Middle East, Australia, USA, Canada, and Europe.

Latest on the product line: AQUAMAKER, creating 99% pure water from the air. This product is manufactured in USA and D2K starting to import within October 2008. Check out the picture with info.
We are happy to announce that D2K is now the owner of Baishakhi TV Channel. Within 6 months, Destiny TV Channel is coming...look for the date!! (2nd Dec 2008)

----------------- 8th ANNIVERSARY OF D2K ---------------

Two days program was held on 4th & 5th January at BCFCC in four sessions.

Program was attended by many special guests like
1. eminent economist Dr. Wahiduddin Mahmud
2. educationist Professor Sirajul Islam
3. Director General of Bangla Academy Dr. Syeed Md. Shahed
4. Vice Presidents of FBCCI Mr. Abul Kashem Chowdhury & Mr. Abu Alam Chowdhury
5. Co-Chairman of FBCCI Engineer Nizamuddin Jitu
6. Famous actor Mr. Pijush Banarjee

Other than the above guests, the program was also attended --- Chairman of D2K Mr. Hossain, Managing Director Mr. Rafiqul Amin and directors/ members of management of D2K.

The two day program was live telecast on Boishakhi Channel.
D2K Group bought 1.5 Acre land for 25 storied twin tower building at Chaadmari, Barishal. Very soon, the work will start and there will be one 3 star Hotel as well as other sister concern's offices.

Work for the twin tower at Khulna already started.

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